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Re: Quick test please

Mark Parnell wrote

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No argument with the frames.  New windows is a different issue.  As a
surfer I sometimes like stuff to open in a new window.  An example is
making a listing on ebay.  Due to the processing involved, pages can
take a moment to load.  If I am half way through a listing, I don't like
to leave the page then return to it.  In such cases they have new
windows for help/explanations etc, which I like.

Another time I like new windows is when viewing images on a site,
products for sale for example.  If each pic opens in a new window, I can
have a number of them open, then easily view them all again.

Having said that.  I have always been uncertain about how to do it for
my own site(s).  On the house-sales site I initially made the image
windows open in a new window.  Partly for the reason mentioned above,
partly also because I perceived this as been something of a custom.

I found myself always looking for the "back" button when looking at the
pics, so if it confused me I figured it might confuse visitors also!

Plus, I think it's a cleaner quicker surfing experience to use one
window, and the user who knows how, can open new windows if they please.

Charles Sweeney

Re: Quick test please

Writing in news:alt.www.webmaster
 From the safety of the No thank you cafeteria

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I'm glad it's not just me that worries over these things.

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That is the rule/justification I finalised on.

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crunchy and good with ketchup.

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Re: Quick test please

Charles Sweeney wrote

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Quoted text here. Click to load it

Conclusion.  She visited the linked site's homepage, and navigated her
way to the intended URL.

Her browser still wouldn't display it.  After reading everything here, I
told her it was a scripting issue.  I suggested she might have something
like a firewall or av software that might have security settings about
scripting etc.

I won't make any changes to the link.  This type of software tends to
move around a bit, so I might have to make a new one soon anyway!

Charles Sweeney

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