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just getting started with this website stuff..  I've been reading the
FAQ and checking out the links..  however, I have some questions I can't
immediately find the answers to..

1. I'm writing my first site..  a personal one for me..  and connected
ones to non-profits I'm involved with..  I'd like the one for the folk
group to go up on a local hosting org..  there is one just up the road..
  they offer a free domain name if you comitt for a year.. however, they
don't register .ca domains.. which for various reasons I think would
work best for us..

I can get someone else to register the domain, but I don't understand
this stuff well enough yet to know if the fact that bravenet doesn't
register .ca domains means they don't host them either??  I'm thinking
their might be no connection at all?  but not clear..

I've found prices from $10 to over $30 to register a .ca domain name..
is this kind of variance common??  or does it indicate that there is
something that makes .ca domains more expensive?

Helen in Canada

Re: questions: registering .ca domains

Deciding to do something for the good of humanity, Helen Martin

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Because you're in Canada? :-)

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You're right - there's no connection. It just means that your domain
will be registered through one company, while your hosting is provided
by another. Some here would say that's the better way of doing it

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Not sure about other countries, but I know that .au domains are more
expensive than those without a ccTLD. More expensive than .ca too FWIW.

Mark Parnell
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Re: questions: registering .ca domains

Mark Parnell wrote:
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that is only one reason..  the non-profit is a folk club and we feature
either local musicians or Canadian musicians on tour across Canada...

the other folk groups that we relate to are mostly all Canadian... we'd
like to identify ourselves as part of that network...

thanks for all the good info..

Re: questions: registering .ca domains

And lo, Helen Martin didst speak in alt.www.webmaster:

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Hi Helen,

It's tough to register a .ca domain name; you can't just approach a  
Canadian registrar, plop down 15 bucks and come away with a name.

.ca domains are overseen by CIRA ( /)  To verify that you  
are eligible to purchase a domain name, you must first register an account  
with them.  Once you have a CIRA membership, note your details and go to a  
.ca registrar.

Sign up for a domain at this registrar and you'll be asked for your CIRA  
account details.  Then, unlike other types of domains, rather than the  
registrar clearing up all the details and handing over the name, the  
request to purchase the domain name is forwarded to where *you*  
must confirm the registration.  Once you confirm, the registrar can  
legally retain the domain on your behalf.

You'll find that (unless things have changed since the last time I updated  
my .ca domain) for many changes you wish to make to your domain, like  
contact information, switching registrars, or even renewal, you will need  
to go to to confirm the change.  Kind of strange to be dealing  
with two separate organizations to register one name, but that's the way  
it goes.

I use myself, not because I shopped around and thought  
they were the best, but because the domain I bought was owned by someone  
else who transferred it into my name with this registrar.  It's a pain and  
a half to transfer .ca domains because of the CIRA angle.  All I can say  
is that they want to make triply-sure no .ca domain is used for a  
non-Canadian purpose.

Good luck!


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