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I have a website, and I use Google Adsense to publish ads on my
website and get paid when people click on them.  The ads are nicely
targeted, but I don't like the small payment per click I typically
get.  I've used Bidvertiser which typically has a higher payment-per-
click, but their ads are not well targeted, so I don't get the same
click through rate.  I do like that Bidvertiser sends money to my
PayPal account when the balance goes above $10 vs. a check from Google
Adsense when the earnings are above $100.  Less chance of leaving
money on the table if I ever switch permanently.

I just looked at Yahoo's Overture based service, but it doesn't seem
any better than Google, but I'd enjoy hearing what others who have
used it think.  Also, any other names would be welcome.

If there is a better place to post this, I'd appreciate hearing about
it.  Thanks.

Here are links to the three programs discussed above:

Re: Questions About Pay-Per-Click Programs

I share the same sentiment. I have Google Ads as well as other
affiliate ads. I do OK with Google, but it's 2 or 3 cents a click.
It's the shear volume of page turns and I do make about $120 a month
that keeps the ads on the website. However, I am disappointed it's not
more. I keep thinking, if it were 5 or 10 cents a click, my returns
would be much better.

My Best return is with my affiliate account with It's not
pay per click, but I do better, selling books and Software for lottery

I have run across sites that offer Pay per Click or tools that help
improve and have tucked them away in my files, but it will take some
digging to find them. If you want them, email me and I will see if I
can pass them along.

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