Question on Domains & Yahoo - Anyone understand this?

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Hey All,

I do some emailing for some businesses.  I manage their email lists and
send out newsletters when they request it.  All these people have opted
in.  I run my own mailserver, running Apache & Red Hat 9.0.

I have several virtual domains, which all point back to the same IP.
The domains are basically for the emails only, so it shows a different
domain in the FROM: line when the emails go out.

Here is what I am noticing:

Many of the domains are going directly to peoples Bulk folder in Yahoo.
 Not all the domains though, just some.  Why is this?  They all point
to the same IP, so I'm a bit lost.  Is Yahoo filtering on domain names?
 Or is it an issue with Spam Guard?



Re: Question on Domains & Yahoo - Anyone understand this?



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Same domajin names this is happening to each time?

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So tempting to be sarcastic and say "because it's Yahoo" but I won't
... ;)

They all point
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They can; wouldn't be the first time an email service filtered out a
particular domain name's emails. Yahoo has been known to filter AOL,
gmail, and a couple other domain/email services emails by flagging
them as potential spam (so landing in the bulk folder in Yahoo

If the domain name is being filtered - that could be for various
reasons too with teh most dreaded one being that someone reported that
particular domain name for spam.

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Could be that, too, or a combination of the domain name being filtered
as Spam Guard is doing what it should do if somethng is flagged by
sending it to the bulk mail folder.

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There used to be a Yahoo Group called AntiSpam (if I recall the name
right) and the two folks heading that group may be able to help you in
ruling out some things that may be causing the problem. You may be
already on the right path with your guesses so far ... then again, it
may be something else that is causing it to happen. It's a small group
and, contrary to its name, isn't your typical "fighting spam" like
group. One of the mods uses several Yahoo services and likes to tinker
and test things out.


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