question on cache & somme access_log lines

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  I know that the code 304 is there for a conditionnal GET so this is
one way to detect if a user went to your site from a cache.
Now there is some strange things in the access_log, 2 situations:

Page 'B' is called and the referer field in access_log gives 'Page A'
ut page 'A' wasn't called from this IP in the hours before.
It doesn't look like an AOL user so with IPs that change constantly;
my first guess was that he/she loaded page A from a cache before and
later on clicked on an hyperlink to page B which is not cached;
however I have just a code '200' in  the access_log line, there is no
code 304 anywhere before.
Can it be that this guy had saved page 'A" on his Hard Drive another
day? If not what else?

Second pattern; it's quite similar except that here page 'C' is not
called, rather gift or other images normally embedded in page 'C'. A
request for the images is registered in the log, but no request for
the container (page C).
I would expect a cache to focus on images much more than text but not
here. Anyway there is no code 304 here neither.

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