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I would like to register a domain for Kenya.  The sites I have
seen from a google search that do this are charging between $50 and
$150 a year.  Why is it so expensive compared to a typical .com
registration?  Do most companies that do .com registrations also do registrations, or will I have to use an African company?
Thanks in advance.

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Some countries have pretty strict rules for buying names; for example requires you to be a registered Japanese Company before you can
apply for a domain. So, more red tape, more requirements, bigger cost.
There are no hard and fast rules though.

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Big Daddy wrote:

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The price range is different from ccTLD to ccTLD, depending on NIC
operation costs, and also differs in terms of policies regarding the
registration of a domain. The .ke TLD (in general) doesn't seem to have
any special policies, though.

Those registrars who want to offer *.ke (amongst others,
registrations need to apply for becoming a registrar for .ke in
addition to any other registries they may be accreditated with (such as
.com/.net and .org). Typically, a registrar providing domains
will probably also allow for .com/.net registrations -- the other way
around is less likely, as .com and have nothing to do with

A list of approved registrars for (as well as and
can be found here:
Or if the above URL is broken:

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