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I have a friend who is asking me questions. I want to give good answers.

She has recently signed up to be a rep for a party sales type of
company. She wants to set up her own business name. The parent company
does not allow her to have her own web presence. She can have her own
domain, as long as it forwards to the parent company's site. She is
considering getting her own domain because she likes the idea of having
an email address at her own domain. She plans to use GoDaddy to register
the domain name.

What is the best way to set up a redirect in this case? A 301 redirect
makes sense, but then she will never show up in Google, right? Is there
a different redirect that will get her domain listed in the search
engines, even if it isn't any higher up than the 100th page?

Does she need to have web hosting to set up the redirect? She plans to
use GoDaddy to host her mail, but does she need web hosting to set up
the redirect? Or is there some way (I can't find anything on GoDaddy) to
set up a redirect without purchasing a hosting account somewhere?

The easiest way, because it is the way I am familiar with, is to get a
hosting account, set up her email there, then do a 301 redirect to the
parent company. Is there a better way to do this?

Re: question about redirects

Scott Bryce wrote:
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I think we found the answer. GoDaddy calls it Forwarding. I don't know
which redirect GoDaddy uses for forwarding. I can't really tell which
would be the most appropriate, not that we would have any choice.

Re: question about redirects

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It is called forwarding. You are confusing internal Apache
configuration commands and assuming that the Internet is "Apache". It
is not.

Most registration companies offer various forms of forwarding.


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