Question About PageRank of sub-directories!

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Hi, i run a popular top list of websites on one of my sites, its
currently located at: mydomain .com/mytoplist, its very popular with
800+ members and a PageRank of 4. My main site it is located off has a
PageRank of 5!

Im looking into moving the top list onto its own domain, but would like
your advice on the following quesion first:

Will moving the site onto its own domain effect the current websites
PageRank, with 500+ sites link to: mydomain
.com/mytoplist/voteid=12345, or will it be un-effected as they all link
to a sub-directory of that site,,,,,i have no idea on this!

hpe you understand what im trying to say!

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Re: Question About PageRank of sub-directories!

vidu wrote:

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yes. you can help yourself out by using htaccess to redirect permanent
traffic from the old site to the new domain. this is the most important
thing for you. i've even seen rank "transfer" this way, but recrawls will
totally change your...uh...groove.

but rank is not everything. i spent 2 years bringing a site to PR5, then
deployed a completely new site. the rank dropped to 0 but i get more
natural search traffic and engine placement than ever now due to superior
code and content with the new site. the point is that rank is not

in fact, rank only comes into play for highly competitive, saturated
strings. with good content development, you get a sort of "whale effect".
you might not be tapping any main strings, but you are getting so many
smaller strings that it represents good, targetted traffic. like a whale
that eats tiny organisms.

a very different method from sharks who sometimes cruise these waters

Re: Question About PageRank of sub-directories!

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I wonder if perhaps you are worrying too much about "Google", when
your efforts might be better spent providing what your readers want.
Word of mouth is still the best form of advertising, while SEO tricks
often result in just that, tricked traffic that visits once, gets a
bad feeling,  and never returns.


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