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I am planning a website featuring sportswear. Garments can be used for
multiple sports, so I am thinking of having categories (baseball,
basketball, football, etc.) with each garment listed in each category, and
further "filtering" available to display mens and womens lines.

Is this something that Adobe InDesign can do out of the box? I have been
looking at different applications and InDesign seems to suit most of my
needs, but I'm not clear on whether or not it can handle something like
this. I presume something like this would need to be database driven and I'm
not clear on InDesign's database capabilities.

Can anyone help clear this up? Thanks

Re: Question about InDesign

Jacob wrote:
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I wouldn't use it.  A simple database like MySQL and a text editor such
as Notepad+ do a lot better job.

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Re: Question about InDesign

I don't really like the HTML that InDesign produces.  If I were to use
an HTML editor, I would probably pick Dreamweaver - the only
WYSIWYG-based editor I've ever used that I've actually halfway liked :D

What I use at the moment is EditPad Pro.  It's a text editor, but I find
I have much more flexibility writing my own code than I do with a
WYSIWYG editor.


Jacob wrote:
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