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I've been wrestling around with a personal page for most of this year
and I have become fairly comfortable with HTML.  I would like to learn
and use CSS.  

My question is ---  could anybody have a suggest a CSS editor that is
as good as some of the HTML editors are.  I'm using Coffeecup and also
like Pagebreeze.    They are both very good.

Are CSS editors as easy to use as either of these ?

Re: Question about editors

F.C. wrote:

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The best CSS editor on the planet is TopStyle Pro! I believe you can
also use it for editing HTML, but as a pure CSS editor it is the mutt's

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Re: Question about editors

And lo, F.C. didst speak in alt.www.webmaster:

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I personally recommend Notepad, or any of the Notepad clones.  Then again,  
when it comes to CSS [1], I like getting my hands dirty.


[1] And HTML, and PHP, and Javascript, etc.

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