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I have a question that I can't find an answer to. I hope I can explain
this clearly. Please let me know if I'm not.

My client has two web site and two domains. She wants to remove the
first web site but keep its domain and change it to point to the 2nd
site with domain masking. The question is, what will happen to the
email accounts on the 1st web site?

I may not be using the term "domain masking" correctly (Host Gator
never heard of it)
- A user types in the address bar
- redirects to
- the address bar reads
(Isn't this domain masking?)

The question is what happens to and all email

Re: Question about domain masking

cdot wrote:

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You can set domain masking (for web) and still use email normally (or
have it forward to the other domain/be an email alias).  Shouldn't be a
problem at all.
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Re: Question about domain masking

Thank you.

Re: Question about domain masking

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Yes, that is what I do with,
Regards Chad.

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