Question about adult sites?

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i wanted to start an adult site biz. for those who have done this
before, how were u able to conceal your identity and gget paid w/o
using your name. An LLC costs too much money, so i thought about just
getting a dba, but people can find out the owner's name with a dba.
let me know how you guys have done this. Thanks.

Re: Question about adult sites? wrote:
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They can easily find out who owns an LLC, also.

Why are you doing it?  If it's for the money, open a lemonade stand
instead.  You'll make more.

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Re: Question about adult sites?

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As far as problems go I would worry more about the money aspect rather than
maintaining anonymity.

Adult site or not you can't just put up a website and then poof its cranking
out money for you, and if you can't afford a couple hundred bucks to
incorporate a company then how are you going to cover the expenses that
arise out of developing and running any website and/or business?

As far as keeping your identity secret its really a case where your efforts
will really only stop somebody who might be marginally interested in finding
out who is behind a website/company.  But somebody who really wants to know
will be able to find out, just depends on how much digging they want to do
and how resourceful they are... and thats wether you are incorporated or

If its really something very important that you aren't linked to an adult
site then I'd say take a pass on it and come up with something different to

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If you are operating your business legally you shouldn't fear having
your identity available via a whois lookup.

Re: Question about adult sites?

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Why are you trying to hide your name?  Besides, if someone really wants
to find the owner's name, it's fairly easy.

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