Q: MySQL databases on cheap hosting servies

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Godaddy, in my case, sells me a service that includes MySQL databases
but when I set one up it requires that the DB name be unique (I guess
across all customers on that server). This is a suprise.  Right now
that is a minor PITA for the code I'm trying to set up.

Is this normal for cheap hosting services?  


Sorry if this is OT.

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Re: Q: MySQL databases on cheap hosting servies

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It's normal in a shared environment.  Heck, an RDBMS engine needs a unique  
identifier for your database no matter what.  It may run like this ...  
server|IP:instance-id:db-name but whatever it has to be unique.

AIUI most shared hosts stick your account id on the front (or back) of the  
db name you choose to ensure uniqueness.

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Perfectly On Topic so far as I can tell.

Can you imagine the chaos if 1000 people all wanted to call their db  
"phpbb"?  Still it would make for some interesting cross-fertilisation in  
the forums :)

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