Publicized domain, but not registered - legal issues?

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Hard to come up with a reasonably short summary for the subject here...

I'd like to hear what anyone knows about legal (and perhaps ethical)
issues involving this matter:

I just ran across a domain that is publicized in a decent-selling novel,
that has been out for well over a year. For some reason, the author
never bothered to register the domain name - and it remains clear to
this day. It just happens to be a domain that I could actually make use
of - seeing just the name spurred some very specific ideas (not
squatting - I abhor that! - it would be a REAL site), with the added
bonus that I might get some hits from readers of the book.

The domain is NOT trademarked, and the author, publisher, and myself are
all in the U.S.

I'm more concerned about the legal issues - I don't feel too badly since
the author didn't have the foresight to register the domain in the first
place. (think "") But I'd like input on all counts.


Re: Publicized domain, but not registered - legal issues?

Tony wrote:
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If you're worried about the legal aspects, see an attorney.  Ethically I
see no problem with it.

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Re: Publicized domain, but not registered - legal issues?

On Thu, 27 Dec 2007 22:46:37 -0800, Tony put finger to keyboard and

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Provided you're not doing anything that could be construed as "passing
off" - that is, giving the impression that your site is related to
that in the book - then there are no legal issues at all.

I'm tempted to ask you what the book is, but I suspect that if you
told me - at least in public - the domain won't stay free for very
long. In fact, even the information you've already given might be
enough to give sufficient clues to a domain squatter, so I'd suggest
that you register it straight away.

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