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The discussion came up a couple weeks ago about this - and I decided
that, rather than arguing about it with unsupported contentions, I would
inquire with the relevant organizations as to what their positions were
on the matter.

The two main issues addressed were (a) whether you retain ownership of
the domain, and (b) whether using a proxy was a violation of the ICANN
terms for having valid whois information on your whois record.

I contacted Domains by Proxy, which is the proxy host for Godaddy (and
apparantly owned by Godaddy) regarding the matter of ownership. I got
back a very clear response: "The customer retains ownership of the domain."

I also contacted ICANN, regarding the use of proxy registrations. ICANN
specifically told me that it is possible to "register a domain in the
name of a third party, as long as they agree to accept responsibility"

Basically, fictitious whois information is against ICANN rules, but
proxy information is not, provided the proxy registrant assumes
responsibility for that information being valid. Domains by Proxy does
this in their TOS.

Do with the information what you will. Those who are against proxy
registration will probably continue to be. But for those who were
uncertain, here are some FACTS for your consideration. Take it for what
it's worth.

For me, the answers I recieved have made me more comfortable with proxy
registration, at least with Domains by Proxy.

Re: Proxy hosting & domain ownership

On Tue, 18 Apr 2006 10:50:52 -0700, Tony put finger to keyboard and
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I don't have any problem with proxy registration, provided that the
proxy does indeed take responsibility for the registration in the same
way that the owner of a normally registered domain does. But that
means responding to abuse complaints (or passing them on to the true
owner) as necessary, rather than just washing their hands of them on
the grounds that they are not the owner while at the same time making
it impossible to contact the owner.

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Re: Proxy hosting & domain ownership

Tony wrote:

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Let me add a twist, applicable only to .us domains.  Last year, the US
government decided that .us domains could not be so registered.  I had one
of those, and got a letter from GoDaddy or DBP or both, saying that as of
[date] the DBP registration for it would therefore terminate, so I should
consider my options.  I don't remember if the date was my renewal date or
some date proscribed by the law; but that's moot now as there shouldn't be
any hanging proxied .us domains to be converted or moved to a different

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Re: Proxy hosting & domain ownership

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Thats true, but if the third party goes out of business or forgets theor
agreement they will still be the legal owner of the domain
and you may not be able to get it back.

What are you doing that requires that level of secrecy anyway?

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