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Someone told me to try Protx as a PSP, which is less than 10% of what I
now pay.

Does anyone know Protx?

Re: Protx says...
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I have a couple of clients using it...
takes some thought to set up but works fine and support is quick if

OScommerce has a payment module for it.

Re: Protx

Logician wrote:

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Their VSP Server product is a complete nightmare to work with, but VSP
Form is far easier -- I'd certainly recommend it.

Toby A Inkster BSc (Hons) ARCS
Contact Me  ~

Re: Protx says...
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VSP Direct seems to be easier than Server too.

Re: Protx

Logician wrote

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Fat Sam of this parish has used them and speaks highly of them.  He has
also posted a lot of good information about using them, which you will find
in the archive.

Charles Sweeney

Re: Protx

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Used them for over 2 years. I use VSP form with OSCommerce.

Seriously considered moving to secpay (another good established one)
in the early days, but they have improved in leaps and bounds since

Did have teething problems, but am fairly happy with them now.
Had a couple of bad DDOS attacks, but reacted well.

As you know they are very cheap, yet have a very good control panel
for transactions.

Feel free to ask if you need more info.

Re: Protx

zeebop wrote

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Have you checked out Paypal's new Website Payment Pro system?  The
visitor does not leave your site.  They are aiming it squarely at people
like yourself who currently use a gateway and a merchant account.  And
are charging considerablly less for it.

Just now it's only available to US members.  Looks to me like a VERY
viable alternative, even for very large amounts of sales.

Just a point about keeping visitors in one's site.  This has always been
desireable, to have a seamless buying experience with the money side
being deliberately kept in the background.

I had an email from a prospect recently.  He asked if he could pay me
directly through Paypal, as he did not want to enter his credit card
information in an unknown site.

So for him, to *see* Paypal was a must.  To be sure he was paying
through Paypal was imperative.  This makes sense to me.  I am very
familiar now with the Paypal interface.  I made a purchase today from a
small British site, and got the familiar Paypal interface.  I was more
than happy to make my payment through it.  I dare say, like my prospect,
I even prefer it now.

Which brings us back to the seamless, branded, card-processor-in-the-
background interface.  What value in the scenario above?  I only use the
standard Paypal website payment option on my site, with the visitor
quite clearly leaving my site and going to Paypal.  I now consider this
to be advantageous, and ironically it's the cheaper option!

Which puzzled me about my prospective customer.  I told him he would be
taken out of my site, and onto Paypal to make his payment.  I have the
Paypal logo on the site, and if he hit the "buy now" button, he would
have clearly seen that he was in the Paypal site.  Customers!

Charles Sweeney

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