Protesting GOOGLE (Americans don't protest, only smell aromas in aroma therapies after tak...

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Privacy Sadism
Lack of human descency
Usenet Piracy (totalitarianism)
Books Piracy
Usenet Privacy Sadism
Napstering Books
Usenet Humiliation
Humiliation of artists
Underground piracy
Human rights violations
Civil rights violation of the California antiphishing law.

Pirate's aim is to fill bank account.

No company can set up customer service dependencies to a global public entity.
Crimes against humanity.

(Next humanitarian protest: most American cities ban exposing breasts in public on
paintings, Hitler did that. What's better muslim women not exposing legs? Too much
religion. Big free US. And Pirates Violate Human rights and International dignity.)

Google scanned millions of books from libraries (from all countries) and Bush declares
world unity after running the world's dumbest war.

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