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"By Google archiving usenet, Google turns the international territory
of usenet into official business ground. Google suggests: *Be careful
how you do business on usenet*. The logic works for businessmen in
general. But what that translates to for the geneal public, is really
what Ceaucescu wanted with his street cameras: a business ground, the
core formula of dictatorships, or in other words: unilateralism and crimes
against humanity at large in the 21st century. A protest for humanity can
be *understood* in regards to Google's global public violation."

Re: Protest for Humanity

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[radical statements snipped]
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By making radical claims comparing google to war criminals, etc.. one
undermines the points they've allegedly been trying to make. Whether
intended it or not, such statements actually promote google. I'll attempt
to explain why.

The notion of having one global search engine that actually means anything is a
little alarming because google controls what people find.

Any and all companies that wield this much power need to be monitored closely,
people need to be aware of it and then decide *for themselves* if they want to
seek out alternatives. (In the case of what you're saying, perhaps by using an
anonymous email address)

Small, relatively unradical things such as buying groceries someplace BESIDES
walmart or using alternate search tool(s) are what is needed.

Comparing "best buy" to I dunno.. dracula? can only serve to undermine whatever
it is you were trying to say. No one would want to align themselves with what
they may view as a nutcase claiming best buy is the reincarnation of dracula.
Hence, your concern will fall on deaf ears.

This is basic psychology.. all of us learned it in elementary school when we
found that siding with the class geek was a good way to loose popularity and
get beat up. We may be adults now, but, near as I can tell... most of us still
operate within these same parameters.

In other words: if you really want people to consider what you are saying...


I'm telling you this in a genuine effort to be helpful, I hope it is
interpreted as such.

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