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 I am building a flash website, I wish that the users will  not be able
to download the falsh movies from the web site to their computer. I
know that I can use secure hosting, but would like, if possible, to add
additional security measures to the web site. I have two questions: 1.
Reccomendation for a web hosting service that has a better record when
it comes to securing web sites, unless they are all the same? 2.
Leads/information on how to add security features to my web site that
will not allow users to download the flash movies from my site to their

Thanks in advance,

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If the user can't download it, they can't watch it, that's how the Internet
works. (Flash is an odd beast in that I think Flash can look at the URL it
is running on and complain if its "wrong", but its an exception to the
rule, and still needs to be downloaded to be viewed).

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Re: Protecting Flash movies

David Dorward wrote:
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Actually Flash movies are easy to protect. You can embed a link to one
movie within another. Modify your HTTP server so that ONLY flash movies
refered to via a container movie can be loaded. This prevents 1) the
user directly linking to anything other than the container 2) the
desitation movie being run at all on a users local machine WITHOUT
internet access to the orginal movie in the orginal location. Even if
you run the movie from your browsers cache, you can internally tell it
to check it's location. If it's anything other than the live web site
it wont play.

Re: Protecting Flash movies

You mean that the movie in the web site will be some kind of a
controller that opens the real movies  which are located on another web

Re: Protecting Flash movies

Whats the command for flash reviewing its URL

Re: Protecting Flash movies

Look up "referer".

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