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Can someone help - by telling me the best way to promote my website and
to obtain a higher position on search engines please.
I started a few years ago and would now like to promote
the site to a higher position without the need to spend a fortune with
Google pay per Click.
Is this possible.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
John Hurkett

Re: Promotion

Fleeing from the madness of the jungle
and said:

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on the page ....

o lose the frameset/frames
o there is no need for all that presentational html.  trivial markup and a  
sprinkling of CSS will greatly impove the signal:noise ratio
o Your contact details are important but they don't need to be at the top  
of your page.
o likewise the types of card payment you accept.
o I don't need your site to tell me the date
o nor do I care how many visitors you've had
o the background is too strong and interferes with readability
o Remember that the web is a simple medium - you cannot assume that one  
word or phrase implies another like you can in conversation - if you mean  
"blue rip-stop tarpaulin" then say exactly that.
o find out what people are actually searching for and build a page  
dedicated to each of the most used search terms (do people in other walks  
use different terms e.g. groundsheet)

off the page ...

o find online directories that specialise in links to web sites at/near  
your location
o find online directories that specialise in links to web sites in your  
trade (and related trades)
o find other sites where a link to your site would benefit the visitors to  
that site (what do people do with tarpaulins)

William Tasso

Re: Promotion

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In addition to William's advice:

1) Stop trying to spam the search engines. Seriously, you have hidden
text which will have a negative impact on your SERP

2) Take note of the Google Webmaster Guidelines at:


Woe to him that willfully innovates, while ignorant of the constant.

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