Profitible software for sale full ownership full source code - poker odds tool

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We are selling our party poker odds software, the following below is
what is being offered.  The site has been up for a year now and has
been popular. There are two types of purchasing currently setup for the
software. Trial and Non Recurring, currently most of the users are
purchasing the software with the non-recurring option. I can send you
screen shots of conversation rates from trials to monthly. All sales
were done solely without affiliates and were done using PPC ads, search
engine pages.

 Also the software doesn't violate any terms of party poker.
Currently the software works with party poker but I have quotes from
development staff on what needs to be done to add additional poker
sites. If you are interested in this software please let us know.

I will be happy to share with you screen shots of the ccbill
administrator panel showing profits. This software is perfect for any
affiliate companies or small shops looking for additional profits.
Any given night there are 60,000+ players on party poker.

Search Engine Rankings

Whats included in the sale.
1. Domain name
2. Partyinspector source code and current executables along with
install shield scripts.
3. Full rights to the software and source code.
4. Contact information of development team.
5. Full transfer of ownership from CCBill
6. Full exclusive rights of the software, we will sign over full
ownership you can distribute the software as you like.

I am currently entertaining all offers but serious offers please only
Also if you want to check out the software please let me know and I
will create a free account for you.
partyinspector [@]

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