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What's up with

I've had several domains registered with them for years. They have
always been bad about sending spam no matter how many times I opt out,
but their service was pretty good.

Last week, I discovered that one of my domains was transferred to
their "partner" division and it cannot be transferred back.

I used to be able to manage all of my domains from one web site with
one userid and password. Now they want me to go to two places. I just
got off the phone with them. They could not explain why this happened
and they cannot undo it. The tech was very cavalier.

Does anyone know what this "partner" thing is? I used to go to to manage my domains.

Now I have to go there for all but one and to for
that one.

Is losing interest in small domains or even in the
registrar function altogether?

Should I be looking around for another registrar?

Any suggestions?

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Re: Problems with

LurfysMa wrote

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Maybe you opted out of the email that explained all this?

Charles Sweeney

Re: Problems with

Hi -


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I had a couple of domains with them as well.  Every time I changed my
domain registration email address due to spam (not from them), I went
back on their email list and had to opt out again.

That was just one of the reasons I left them several months ago.  The
other ones that come to mind at the moment are: prices not even close
to competitive, unable to modify registrant information for my .org
domain, only three name servers allowed, and no domain locking (to
prevent unauthorized transfers).

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When I registered a new domain, I did it at DNS Central a Tucows reseller.  I subsequently moved my
existing domains from to DNS Central.  So far no unwanted
emails nor any other problems.

They are about half the cost of (though still more
expensive than a lot of other registrars), I could change my .org
registrant information, I don't know how many name servers can be
enter but I was able to put in all seven of the ones I use, and domain
locking can easily be turned on and off.

Ken /

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