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I have been trying to renew my domain name I have a I have
tried about 6 times but I keep getting an email reply telling me that the
name is locked and can't be renewed.

I have called tech support about 4 times (an hour plus wait each time) and
they've said they'd renewed it for me. They assure me that it will be OK,
but after I put the phone down I get the same email telling me the domain is
locked and can't be renewed.

I have also sent in 5 support tickets. I get the same old reply telling me
they are having a problem with their system and will fix the problem.
Nothing ever happens. I put my last support ticket in 4 days ago but still
no reply.

I don't want to lose my domain name. Does anyone here work for who can help me. Or does  anyone else have any ideas on how
I can get my domain name renewed.

Is this company having massive tech. difficulties or financial problems or
something. Their support is atrocious



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On Tue, 12 Dec 2006 10:02:25 +1100, Keith Manning wrote:

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Re: Problems at

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Thanks, but I've read the support page about 10 times.

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Manning wrote:
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They screwed us over royally. We figured we could just renew a bunch
of domains a few days before they expired -- but no, it had to be done
as a transfer as they were switching over from being an eNom reseller
to an ICANN-accredited registrar in their own right.

If you can't log on and unlock the domains, you'll have to talk to
them. If the domains were registered back when they were an eNom
reseller - well, basically, eNom took pity on us and moved our domains
out of Regfly's reseller account to an end-user account that I set up.


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Re: Problems at

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I've called them about 7 times but each time get some jerk who assures me
that everything will OK  -  just wait another 48 hours.

I get the feeling the company is having a lot of problems. I suppose it
won't be long before they crash and burn.

The last couple of years have been horrible. It's been a total nightmare
trying to deal with them.

I'm going to move to godaddy. I only hope I'm jumping out of the frypan

Re: Problems at

Keith Manning wrote:
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but the fire has been burning for how long?
smoldering and while the coals are only slightly red, it's time to hit
the road huh?

who's your host?


Re: Problems at

I have exactly the same problems, and now it is impossible to talk to
the customer support.
Don't trust the company anymore.


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