Problem with sound on Chrome

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I have a web page which I designed a few years ago.
It has a couple of graphs in it and when I click on areas of the graph I
want the system to play a sound. I do NOT want to have any controls for
the sound.  

But when I try to play it in Chrome, chrome opens a new black page with a
sound control slider on it, which I do not want. I simply want the sound
to play when I click on that region of the graph.  

This works in Firefox, but not in chrome.  
I also want this to be useable by all my students, who have a whole
variety of operating systems/browsers.  

How do I accomplish this?
A relevant part of the current web page is  

<IMG SRC="spectrum.gif" USEMAP="#spectrum" ALT=spectrum.gif>

<MAP NAME="spectrum">
<AREA HREF="p1.wav" SHAPE=rect COORDS=118,200,153,240>
<AREA HREF="p2.wav" SHAPE=rect COORDS=155,200,192,240>
<AREA HREF="p3.wav" SHAPE=rect COORDS=195,200,222,240>
<AREA HREF="p4.wav" SHAPE=rect COORDS=225,50,267,240>
<AREA HREF="p5.wav" SHAPE=rect COORDS=270,200,307,240>
<AREA HREF="p6.wav" SHAPE=rect COORDS=310,200,352,240>
<AREA HREF="p7.wav" SHAPE=rect COORDS=355,200,392,240>
<AREA HREF="p8.wav" SHAPE=rect COORDS=395,200,427,240>
<AREA HREF="p9.wav" SHAPE=rect COORDS=430,200,473,240>
<AREA HREF="p10.wav" SHAPE=rect COORDS=475,200,515,240>
<AREA HREF="pt.wav" SHAPE=rect COORDS=335,90,400,130>
<AREA HREF="pm.wav" SHAPE=rect COORDS=90,100,125,130>
<AREA HREF="pm.wav" SHAPE=rect COORDS=540,290,670,340>


Secondly-- under firefox it used to be possible to tell it what "helper"
application it should use to handle the differnt mime types. But that
seems to have disappeared with the newer Firefox and with Chrome. Has it
really disappeared or is there some secret way of telling the browser
what to use?

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