Problem verifying my domain with Google

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I have a domain (, whose pages I recently moved to
Google Apps webspace. I have everything configured to Google Apps'
specs. The root level domain is pointed to Google's IP address, the
subdomains (www, etc.) are pointed to, and the site
works just fine (for now).

My problem is this...

When I tried to verify my site for inclusion to the Google Search
Engine, it requires that you verify by either an inserted Meta tag
(can't do it in Googlepages; full html is not accessible), or by
uploading a file to your domain (weirdgooglenamenumber.html) that is
accessible at (which
*is* doable - or so I thought) ...

When I upload the file, it shows up in my account, but it is only
accessible at ,
and when Google tries to verify ,
the following error at Google comes up:

"We've detected that your server returns a status of 200 (found
successfully) for pages that don't exist."
and refers
you to this help page:

This page ends with, "Once your web server is configured correctly,
try to verify the site again and we'll recheck your
configuration." ?!? This is GOOGLE'S SERVER!!! Or am I crazy? I
followed their instructions, but it doesn't work. Does anyone have a
workaround for this, outside of pointing my domain somewhere else long
enough to add a meta tag to the home page, and then point it back once
the site is verified?

Thanks in advance for any light you all can shed on this one,

LaVeda Mason

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