Printing Overlapping Transparent Layers

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I'm not sure where to best ask this question, but I'm going to start
here since this is all about making it easy for people to print charts
that are on my web site.  I've had this problem for some time and have
finally gotten around to creating a simple test page to demonstrate.

Basically, when I create a page that overlays 4 divs on top of each
other, the top three having a transparent background image (a single
sinusoid), neither Firefox or Opera print it properly.  The page preview
looks like it will print okay, but the actual print shows only the
topmost layer.

Internet Explorer, on the other hand, prints it correctly (when Print
backgrounds is enabled).

check here: /
and see: "Print Transparent Layers Test "

I'm wondering why these browsers don't get it right ... and trying to
figure out a way to make my technique for overlaying three curves on a
grid be printable in all, if not the most common browsers.

Any ideas?

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