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Just so you guys know, the complaint I am making here was first made on
their forums, but was deleted when the discussion started to get hot.
(I just wish I would of made a copy of the discussion).  Nothing like
supressing the truth.

My saga with POWWEB - the un-perfect host.

12/22/05 - 12/26.05 - I lost 4 days of traffic because of a server
issue they where having over the Christmas Holiday.   Of course, they
blamed me for the problem, but after reviewing the logs, it was obvious
that it was an error on their side.

Here is a portion of the log file:

[Thu Dec 22 22:01:26 2005] [error] [client] (1)Operation
permitted: getpwuid: invalid userid 38555

After that my site started throwing "Internal Server Errors".  This is
a know issue that they had worked with before.
So why could they not fix it.  Their response was that there was no
problem, and that their servers showed everything as OK.   But the
problem got fixed after I started pushing the issue.

NOTE:  Just so everyone knows, you can't view your log file on powweb
if your site is throwing Internal Server Errors.  They have moved the
ability to view their log files to their "Site Tools", but it uses your
PHP account and information to run.  So if your userid is screwed up,
you can't access your logs. See:
http://forum.powweb.com/showthread.php?t=60478 for more details.

1/5/2006 - They disable my MySQL account
"Your database "lmmicro" has been disabled due to extremely high usage,
which was beginning to affect the performance of the server. Your
database will be reactivated once you have optimized your tables and
scripts, and can ensure that this will not happen in the future. If a
single customer begins to use too many resources on the mysql server,
it adversely affects the performance of all other customer's accounts."

Funny, that day I did experience a 100% traffic increase.   Because I
ran an advertising blitz that worked well.  When pushed, they told me
to "Patch my Scripts", and re activated my account.

1/7/06 - 1/9/06 - They admit to having MySQL server issues -- (Could it
of been their servers, not my scripts that screwed stuff up on the

Present - I have moved my hosting to another hosting provider.  I will
use powweb hosting for what it should be used for until my account
expires in OCT.  I will be serving images for my eBay auctions from
their site.

BTW, I switched to bluehost.com (
http://www.bluehost.com/track/mkieff/powweb ).  I have seen a HUGE
increase in speed, and their log files are actually useful.  Because
the show all PHP errors, I have even incresed the speed and efficency
of my scripts.

Re: PowWeb - the UN-PERFECT Host. (DON'T USE POWWEB)

I think powweb are to big for there shoes.


*Kind Regards*

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