Potential Problem with R.S.S. HTTPS

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When Operating Systems have Auto-Update  
and the OS Provider has their software Government Reviewed
then the code in the OS can be compromised by spying eyes.

If the N.S.A. say wanted to fetch your Credit Card details
they would only need to download a patch that transferred
the Private Key encrypted by their key together with the R.S.S. secure data

The R.S.S. system generates 2 large prime numbers, the clients
Private Key, and sends the product of the 2 numbers multiplied
to the other computer.  The product, 1 larger number is the PUBLIC KEY
so anyone can send private data to whoever releases their PUBLIC KEY
and if they keep their 2 PRIVATE KEYS well.... private!  Then the
system is secure.  I'm not sure how an autoupdating OS could ever
be secure.  Even with OPEN SOURCE there are a million lines of code
to hide the code that transmits the private keys.

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