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I've unfortunately inherited an Access database that our users want to be
made Web-editable (i.e., records updated through web based forms). That part
is fine, I know how to do that. However...

Is it possible to fire an Access On Click event procedure from the web?

I'm using the old version of ASP to update forms in the db from forms on the
web using SQL, but I need to run a specific event procedure written in VB in
the database.

Currently, the users are using Access to click the button which goes off and
performs whatever it actually does (not even sure what that is yet! and
would ideally not like to know because if I can replicate its functionality
by assigning the function to a button in a webpage, my job is done).

Is this possible?! And if so, either in general or technical terms, how?!

TIA for any good advice.

Re: Possible?

nospam wrote:

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Probably not, but Access scripting is done in VBScript. You appear to be
using ASP, which supports VBScript. (Indeed, it's the default scripting
language IIRC -- certainly the most commonly used IME.)

So, all you need to do is copy the contents of the "On Click" procedure
into a new file, top and tail it with "<%" and "%>", save it as
"onclick.asp" and call it using a form like this:

    <form action="onclick.asp" method="get">
        <div><input type="submit"></div>

OK, that's a bit simplistic. It depends on what the procedure does. If it
tries to pop anything up to the screen, or reads any form controls as
inputs, things get a little more complicated, but not very much so.

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