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Does anyone know what has happened to the UK based web hosting company
Portland Communications.
Their site has been down for at least over a week and I can't find anything
about it on the internet.
Could someone please shed some light on the situation?

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It's okay. I've found the answer.

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How do you do?

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I see you have already found your answer, but now is as good a time as any  
to go through this process.

ping www.portland.co.uk - could not find host

using the whois at http://www.nic.uk reveals the ip addresses of a pair  
of name servers - also reveals a name and address for the owner of the  
domain - although the accuracy has to be questioned as New Malden is not  
in Kent.

plug the ip-address of a nameserver into the whois at http://ripe.net .  
This reveals similar name/address data as well as a mail address and a  
phone number - although this is a different number to the one you  
unearthed.  It also shows that the domain owner has been allocated an  
entire class c network indicating perhaps that he is not merely a reseller  
and is entirely responsible for the health of his network.  Unfortunately  
data in whois records is notoriously out-of-date - indeed I called a  
techie only recently who had changed jobs twice and the whois for his  
(twice removed) old company still showed his personal cell-phone number.

William Tasso

** Business as usual

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JohnJAdamson wrote:
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Ahhh. Thanks for the link.

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