Podcast nuisances

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I dont understand why websites can't place direct link to their mp3
podcast? Instead they put everything in xml format and say you have to
'subscribe' to their podcasts using itunes. I dont use itunes and I
dont want to have to have to download somethign just to hear an mp3.
Are these websites so arrogant to think people are going to go through
all that trouble for them?

Re: Podcast nuisances

On 10 May 2007 22:15:17 -0700, dr_phill123@yahoo.com put finger to
keyboard and typed:

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The point is that doing it via XML so that you can subscribe via RSS
is what makes it a podcast, as opposed to simply having a downloadable
file with a static link. You don't need to use iTunes as the reader,
but you do need to set up something that will keep up with the RSS
feed. Simply adding it to your browser's RSS bookmarks will do the job
perfectly adequately.

I agree that it's misleading if sites give the impression that iTunes
is a necessary component of the system, when it fact it's only one of
many ways (albeit the most popular) of accessing a regular podcast.
But offering a download as a podcast is intended to make it easier,
not harder, to listen on a regular basis as there are plenty of
products out there (including iTunes) that will automate the process
of retrieving the file every time it's updated. With a static link,
you have to go back to the site every time and manually download it.
That's OK for one-off files that never change, but it's not a very
user-friendly way of presenting a regularly-updated audio download.

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Re: Podcast nuisances

On 11 May, 06:15, dr_phill...@yahoo.com wrote:
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A Podcast is an RSS 2.0 feature, not a bare MP3. MP3s alone are
downloadable, but they aren't podcasts.

Podcasts are media + metadata. This extra includes titling,
syndication schedules (when to re-visit for the next episode) and
possibly DRM info. Although MP3s can also embed this, with a podcast
you get to see the metadata and judge whether you're interested in the
content before having to download the bulky content itself.  As
podcasts are RSS, they're also syndicatable and aggregatable.

If you don't like iTunes, then use any open-source RSS podcast
reader / aggregator. Unless it uses iTunes-specific features (mainly
DRM), then it's no problem.

Also podcasts don't need to be MP3s - they can be any sort of
downloadable rich media. This could be other audio formats, it could
be video, it could even be SVG or Autocad drawings. I've heard that
there are SecondLife podcasts around where new object definitions

Re: Podcast nuisances

Andy Dingley wrote:
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I guess I just prefer visiting websites directly and downloading
things directly from there. I never got into the whole RSS thing. I
see it as another cool but not so useful features of the web. Will it
be around 5 years from now?

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