Plz have new webmaster at US Patent Office?

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Like, what kind of web master just takes all the information from
different sources, and then is sooooo lazy, he just puts links to
everything in pdf files?

No wonder the Chinese are full of contempt?  Get rid of the red tape,
more patents?

Re: Plz have new webmaster at US Patent Office?

On Apr 11, 11:07 pm, wrote:
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Maybe it is not his (their fault), but to find out the fee to apply
for a patent, you go to a web page where there are no less
than 25 separate links to pdf documents going back to the year 2004?

If we were serious about trade deficits, we would make the process
easier and cheaper?  If the goal of the office is to protect ideas,
wouldn't the necessary ingredient be to get the patents in the office
as cheaply and as quickly as possible?

Is that concept lost?

Re: Plz have new webmaster at US Patent Office?

On Apr 11, 11:16 pm, wrote:
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Hmmm, maybe I'll check the Canadian website, perhaps the US office is
just too busy, I might get better service in another country?

Re: Plz have new webmaster at US Patent Office?

On Apr 11, 11:21 pm, wrote:
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Kind of doubt I would go to Canada to file a patent, but some people
might have to file out of the country because of fiscal reasons and
red tape?  If you have old regulations, don't you just incorporate the
new information with the old  and rescind the old publication?  What's
this apparent new way of doing things in government?   Is this what
colleges are producing now days, lawmakers and clerks who cannot
edit?  They have to just link to other crossreferences because it is
too much work, compounding the problem?

That would be like putting a link to every word on this page, and
expect the reader to read all those web pages, and put the words
together to read a paragraph?

Am I being too harsh a critic?

Re: Plz have new webmaster at US Patent Office?

bubbabubbabubbaman wrote:

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You don't seem to be at all familiar with the way bureaucracies work.

    Step 1: In 1950, publish a comprehensive set of rules.

    Step 2: In 1974, publish a note which adds a few more rules
        and rescinds several of the old one.

    Step 3: In 1981, publish a note which adjusts one of the
        *conditions* for the a particular rule given in
        the 1974 note but doesn't otherwise rescind it.

    Step 4: In 1987, publish a note which entirely replaces the
        1974 note, not incorporating the changes of the 1981
        note, although not rescinding it either.

    Step 5: In 1992, publish a guidebook purporting to "summarise"
        the rules so far, but which actually contradicts the
        rules in several places. It must be full of pretty

    Step 6: In 1993, an internal briefing establishes more rules,
        but these are never publically published.

    Step 7: In 1994, publish a note that adjusts the conditions for
        rule #2 in last year's internal briefing, but without
        restating what rule #2 was.

    Step 8: In 1997, publish a note rescinding the 1981 note.

    Step 9: In 1998, reprint the 1992 guide without edits.

    Step 10: In 1999, compile a full and comprehensive set of
        all the rules so far. Only issue it in Swahili.

    Step 11: In 2000, issue a translations of the 1992 guide in
        several languages, including Swahili. Withdraw the
        original Swahili rulebook as it doesn't have any
        pretty pictures.

    Step 12: In 2002, publish a "guide to the guide" detailing all
        changes made to the rules since 1992

    Step 13: In 2003, change the corporate branding on the English
        guide. Do not update the content in any way. Withdraw
        the 2002 guide to the guide as it does not fit with new
        branding scheme. Do not reprint it.

    Step 14: In 2004, rebrand again.

    Step 15: In 2005, rebrand again. Change your visition statement.

    Step 16: In 2006, rebrand again. Publish a note which rescinds
        the 1997 note.

What could be simpler?

This all dates back to an age where republishing a comprehensive set of
all the rules, whenever a new change was made, was very expensive. It
needed to be typed up by mechanical typewriter, posted to the printers,
typeset and printed. Publishing a note listing only the changes was far

However, most bureaucracies seem not to have noticed the advent of the word
processor. Word processors, of course, allowing you to re-edit a document
without having to type it up from scratch.

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Re: Plz have new webmaster at US Patent Office?

On Thu, 12 Apr 2007 11:14:46 +0100, Toby A Inkster

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A cynic with regular dealings with bureaucrats may suggest that there
are hundreds or even thousands of them solely employed in generating
meaningless work for each other, involving meetings, reports,
"consultations" and more meetings and reports.

Not that I should wish to suggest that my own dear Southampton City
Council employs such worthless wastes of council tax payers money. I
am sure any similarity of any council officer to the description above
is purely coincidental, and the earth is flat, and was created by god
in six days.


Re: Plz have new webmaster at US Patent Office?

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Don't you understand that doing things efficiently would leave time to do
real work?

Karl Groves

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