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Please rate.  I will appreciate all constructive criticism.  Thank you
very much. /

Re: Please rate Web site

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I think what you're offering for the community is very good and worth
while. Well done! Micro$oft
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for example.
It feels old fashioned, perhaps it would have been better to utilize a
CMS like Joomla ( /) and add your content, at
least the Donations Page will work ;) It is also FREE

Re: Please rate Web site

I personally don't really like the colour scheme, and yes, I does seem
old fashioned. I would suggest you stop the links at the bottom from
being a <marquee> as it takes time for me  to view them all.

Re: Please rate Web site

SMHealthNick wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

You can start here:

or, if that wrapped:

The color scheme is LOUD. It needs to be toned down.

Get rid of the purple border.

Get rid of the globe animation.

There is a definite focal point, that is good, but the focal point draws
my eye away from the navigation.

There is no real content on the home page. I need to click around to
figure out what LMEC is.

When I click on one of the links, the navigation scheme changes. It
appears that there are portions of the site I can't get to from the home
page that should be accessible from there.

Get rid of the severe weather animations.

It is customary that clicking the site banner or logo will return me to
the home page. This does not work on your site.

Someone, no doubt, will mention something about designing for any screen
resolution. I personally don't mind, and even prefer, fixed width
designs, but not everybody does. You should look into re-designing the
site for any window size.

The Edall center calendar should have the same design as the rest of the
site. Get rid of the frames. Provide some margin on the left side of the
page. This page breaks if I resize my window.

Your home page breaks if I resize my fonts.

The donations page is nothing but an under construction sign. Get rid of
the under construction sign. If this is still under development, you
don't need it. If it is live, don't provide a link to the donation page
until it is finished.

The animations at the bottom of the offerings page serve no purpose.

Get rid of the disable right click script.

Is that Comic Sans I see on the Sacramento Center calendar? Please, no.
The content in the top frame does not fit the frame if I resize my fonts.

You need to start over from scratch. This is what I suggest.

1) Learn how to do layout with CSS.
2) Learn about fluid design/designing for any window size or font size.
3) Create a logo and/or banner for use on every page.
4) Come up with a better color scheme.
5) Come up with a navigation scheme that you can carry throughout the site.
6) Write a paragraph or two introducing the center to put on the home page.
7) Make sure your HTML validates.
8) Come back here and ask for a critique of the new design.

Re: Please rate Web site

SMHealthNick wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

YHBT? :) This must be a joke.


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