please, how can I substitute javascript? and is it a good idea?

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good morning and evening to all, I hope you can give to me an advise and
help, please.
I am making my personal website for all my photos, draws etc; without tables
and with css, and, if itıs possible, without Javascript.
But I have a problem:  I would make a simple list of categories, ex.
"Holidays in Greece", "Macrophotos" etc, and when you click over one of these
itıs open in another page, easy to make with Javascript but if there is
another one method, I prefer, tell me please!
( a method good also to open all the thumbnails in an other page or best in
an other tab).
And, second big question, there  is a fast method in order to make all these
pages?  for the graphic layout  I can make one model-template to re-use, I
use golive, but all the links?  sob! :-(

Perhaps with php and a database?  
it will automate the job?  
it will make to open the pages in an other with the click?
Is true is more speed, server-side etc?
Is it so hard to learn?

Please, give me some light, Iım in an absolute, deep, dark! :-(

thanks for your patience,
and sorry for my english,

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