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this should be really quick.

i'm just trying to fill a table cell with an image...  I want the cell to
have the image and nothing else.  for some reason there is a mysterious row
of blank space below the image, that I can't get rid of.  the entire table
cell is like this:

<td bgcolor="white">

<img src="images/logo-home-7.gif" border="0">


simple enough, eh?

but for some reason, there is a few pixels of space below the image that I
can't get rid of.  it's driving me nuts.  the page is here:

you can see the line of white space below the "Your retirement account"
header at the top.

Any ideas?  What the heck is causing that row of white space?  there's
nothing in the cell besides the image!!!!!!!!!!??!?!?!?!?

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I can't answer your question about that space. But just to let you know, it
isn't there when I view it in Opera or Firefox.

Re: Please. Help. Something. Is. Strange.

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and said:

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there /is/ whitespace in your markup.  In the short-term, this may help ...

<td bgcolor="white"><img src="images/logo-home-7.gif" border="0"></td>

I'm a bit rusty on table based layouts so there may be more to it.

In the long term ... I see nothing on that page which requires the abuse  
of tables to suggest presentation.  Please consider the benefits of  
trivial markup and a little CSS.

btw: the space below the logo - I'd guess that's only a problem because  
you've been trying to remove it - looking at the page for the first time  
(Opera) it looks fine - apart from the big green margin on the right,  
which of course has no impact on usability (for me).

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if I was looking back at her.

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Re: Please. Help. Something. Is. Strange.

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amazing.  that fixed it. I always thought that blank spaces and line breaks
were meaningless. i messed around with it and found that one single line
break was causing the white space. turns out there is a difference between:

<img src="images/logo-home-7.gif" border="0"></td>
<img src="images/logo-home-7.gif" border="0">

who woulda thunk it.

thanks much

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