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All comments are welcome. This design went live on Monday and i've been
playing around with it since then, although I would like a few more opinions
on it.


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Chris Michael (INTOmobi) wrote:
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It's clear and concise....All the information is there and easy to find, so
it's very user friendly....Your search facility is fast, efficient and easy
to use.....Your download inventory is impressively huge.....

There's only one thing I don't like (and this is a matter of personal taste,
so don't take it as a major criticism), is the green, blue and orange
splodges at the top.....
I think they let down the entire aesthetic feel of the site.....I can see
the look you were trying to acchieve (similar to the speech boxes on )....I just feel as if you missed the target
slightly.....They look to me as if they were hand drawn in a rush using
MS-Paint, as a last minute afterthought.....

Personally, the only thing I'd change would be those graphics.....And even
then, I wouldn't change them radically...Just tidy them up a bit and make
them look more balanced.....


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Swampy Bogtrotter wrote:
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This was very important to us. We're actually a content creator (used to be
direct to consumer, then went b2b and now stepping back into the d2c market
with this site), so our catalogue is huge (the site has to be updated with
tracks that we've created over the last three months still). The search
facility of the site is very important as the catalogue is so big, we wanted
to allow the user to find the trac they were after as quickly as possible.
Don't know if anybody noticed, but typical ringtone sites have a seperate
section on the site for the various types of ringtones (polyphonics,
truetones, full tracks etc). Instead, we geared the site so that the user
searched for a track and then selected the available formats.

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Chris Michael (INTOmobi) wrote:

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Multi-posted in alt.html and alt.html.critique

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Beauregard T. Shagnasty wrote:
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Sorry, been a while since i posted in newsgroups and obviously need to touch
up on my netiquette.

Re: Please critique - says...
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    A couple of things, I find the green text on the grey background
difficult to read - insufficient contrast - and at the bottom of the
page you've spelt "original" as "orinigal".



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Will wrote:
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Thought I found all the typos and spelling mistakes, thanks for pointing it
out. The green text is a common comment about the site so we will address

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On Fri, 17 Mar 2006 09:21:06 GMT, "Chris Michael \(INTOmobi\)"

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Very important to remember when designing sites that red/green
colorblindness is the most common form.  Also, while lighter colors
are fine for images, text should be in a dark color for better

Other than that, nice site.

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