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Buy pixels for 0,5 $ per pixel!


Re: Pixel advertise!

Ja wrote:
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What is it with these *buy a pixel schemes* ?
They seem to be the latest online get-rich-quick bandwaggon that everybody's
jumping onto...

Who are the adverts aimed at?
I mean, lets be honest, you could conceivably have an advert for a muslim
website right next to an advert for an online booze-o-rama....That's two
mutually exclusive, and completely polarised markets....

And how do these people propose they bring your adverts to the
masses?.....Do they just assume people will accidentally find their way to
their billboard website, and then say "Heeeey, here's a load of adverts.
Let's search through them"

It seems to me like a very badly thought through scheme, and I'm amazed that
any website owner would pay to have an advert displayed on it......

I'd love to find out what sort of return webmasters are getting on the
adverts they've placed on these sites....

Re: Pixel advertise!

Fat Sam wrote:
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The first one

is doing very well, I thought it was a bloody good novel idea. Is
working because as I nation (UK) we love wacky things and he has got TV
advertsing for nowt as it's picked up as a news story .. I woud have
thought he had a few connections or summin ??

The copies I think will make 0.0 not really even worth a pun on the
first but is now as it's 'famous'


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Re: Pixel advertise!

James Helliwell wrote

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Is that a sig or a billboard?

I ask because I don't like being sold to in usenet, particularly by
people who are in the same trade.

Charles Sweeney

Re: Pixel advertise!

On Sun, 25 Sep 2005 22:08:14 GMT, "Fat Sam"

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They are? You should have thought so shouldn't you?


Evangeline Lilly naked?

Re: Pixel advertise!

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It isn't novel anymore. Stop it.

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