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Your services are needed at ATT. Go kick some ass. They need it!

My latest email from them.

Subject: Notice: AT&T Yahoo! Mail Service Update
Dear AT&T Yahoo! Member:

AT&T and Yahoo! have a history of providing our members with award-winning,
industry-leading Internet products and services at a great value.
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Additionally, within the next few weeks you will begin seeing graphical
advertisements in your AT&T Yahoo! Mail service. These advertisements will
be integrated into the AT&T Yahoo! Mail experience, and we hope you will
find the advertisements useful. Advertising such as this allows us to
continue delivering new and innovative elements to our service and helps us
keep prices competitive, while we continue to provide the high level of
service that you have come to know and trust.
We strive to provide you with the best online experience possible and to
address all your needs on the Internet.

AT&T Yahoo! Member Services


Those of you not using ATT as your ISP are you going to get shafted by your
ISPs with crap in your email too?


Re: Ping Viper

On Wed, 09 May 2007 00:03:03 GMT, Duende put finger to keyboard and

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From the wording of the message, it sounds as though they're going to
start putting ads onto the pages of their webmail service. I don't
think there's anything particularly bad about that - Hotmail and Gmail
already do so, as do many webmail providers. It's part of the price
you pay for getting webmail for free - and, as we all know, something
that you get for free is worth exactly what you pay for it.

If they were planning to insert adverts into the actual content of
emails as delivered by POP3/IMAP/SMTP, then that would, of course, be
entirely unacceptable. But I don't think this is what's being proposed
in this instance.

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Re: Ping Viper

On 08 May 2007 Mark Goodge wrote in alt.www.webmaster

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$40.00 a month isn't exactly what I call free.
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I don't use ATT for web mail. I didn't recieve this through a free webmail
account. I recieved this in my regular pop3 mail. The way it reads to me is
that they are planning to insert advertisements into my pop3 mail. Oh well
I will know for sure soon enough. :(


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