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Greetings One & All

This is for those that have ...
o a big one
o one that gets a lot of use

I have a customer that wishes to dip her toes into the murky world of  
online advertising.  Actually, I get enquiries of this nature quite  

Please get in touch if you have a suitable site and sell advertising  

To be clear: I do not need to know your rates as I will be forwarding the  
details of suitable site owners direct to my client.  However, I will need  
to know your business model (how you calculate your fees) as this will  
form part of the criteria for future recommendations.

I will also need to know your contact details as well as any demographic  
data you have about your visitors, so if you prefer you can drop the  
details onto the contact page on my site (in sig) after posting your  
initial response here - please make it clear you are responding to a post  
in AWW.

Thank you for reading.
William Tasso

http://williamtasso.com /

Re: Pimp your site

On Mon, 25 Sep 2006 14:20:35 +0100, "William Tasso"

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You know I have.

You may not know that I also have some demographics, and very flexible
rates and plans making our site suitable for large and small (micro)

Call me.


Veritas Vincti

Re: Pimp your site

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shouldn't this have been posted in alt.www.webmaster.xxx ?

Re: Pimp your site

Hi I shall be getting My ad site up and Working soon So Give them My
E-mail id star.piyush@gmail.com I shall put up my packages on ther site
for their refferal

Re: Pimp your site

Fleeing from the madness of the http://groups.google.com jungle
and said:

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Please excuse my concerns but it would appear that you are the same poster  
asking for basic help and assistance in a thread over there --->

What is your URL?
Visitors volume/demographic?
Fee structure & costs?

These are trivial questions that I would expect anyone selling online  
advertising to be able to answer without a pause.

It would appear that this requirement for advertising is unlikely to  
diminish over time so please feel free to get in touch when you're ready.

I will look at any serious proposal.
William Tasso


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