Pickup game site seeks beta testing

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I'd like to introduce a new site and seek feedback before an official
launch.  The site is a place for active individuals to find or start
pickup games in your area. Rather than sending emails to a group of
players, or driving to a pickup game only to find that not enough
players have showed, my site allows game/event creators to define a
list of members and a reminder schedule so that the reminders can be
sent automatically.  Once you've registered, you can subscribe to an
event and receive status reports.

The site was developed using Coldfusion MX 7, MySQL 5.0, some AJAX
using the Script.aculo.us + Prototype AJAX libraries and alot of elbow

Please take a look at my site and let me know what you liked, didn't
like (or what worked or didn't work).


Any help is extremely appreciated.


Re: Pickup game site seeks beta testing

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Whats a pickup game? your site gives no clue.
The first thing I noticed were the ads at the top of the page, which in my
mind make the site look amerturish, like its hosted on a free server and
they've injected the ads.
What country are you aiming at? Are there pick up games (again whatever that
is) in England where I live?

As the site is about sports, I would expect something a bit more dynamic,
image wise.

As for your coding, you forgot to use a <doctype> and you're using a bizare
mix of css and tables, why not do the whole thing in css?

Just my 2$




Re: Pickup game site seeks beta testing

Paul Watt wrote:
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An ad hoc game not scheduled.  A game that's not part of the play of an
organized league.  People looking to set one up will know what it means.

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Re: Pickup game site seeks beta testing

Thanks for the feedback Paul.  I truly appreciate it.

You made some good points.  Some of which I'm aware of.

The site is currently targetted at the US.  I do plan to launch
globally at some point but I've decided to start local and see where it
goes.  I've still got a list of "to do's" that I'm working from but I
just wanted to get the site to a point where it can become useful, and
then I can continue to make enhancements as time goes by.  If I waited
for the site to be perfect, then I doubt it would ever get launched.  I
do plan to draft an "about" page describing the purpose of the site.
As for the ads, well...the placement was intentional.  I guess my
rationale is, I'm providing a free service to a community of users and
I'm attempting to use the ads to make my time worthwhile.  If that
means the site looks "amerturish", then that's a risk I'm willing to

As for the coding, you're right...it probably does seem like an odd
blend of CSS and tables.  The original intent was to do the entire site
using CSS.  Frankly, I was spending so much time trying to figure out
the nuances of cross-browser CSS design, that I wound up reverting back
to my comfort zone (tables).

Again, thanks for your comments.  If you think of anything else, I'd be
happy to hear them.


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