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I'm totally stuck
here's a page where you can register.

just set 'poids' = 200
and  Date de naissance > 1980 to register

then push the button 'continuer le dossier',
which means 'continue'

then refresh the screen.

with firefox it works perfectly, whereas
with ie the session vars are erased !!!
i'm totally stuck.

here's how i proceed : i rely *only*
on the cookie : php session id .
and i put some values in the $_session
when i display them they're all okay, always
okay until the page i told earlier
( )

i don't understand *at all*...
after a succession of pages where the session vars
still exists (from one page to another)
they suddendly vanish when you press refresh (or f5)...

any idea ?
hhhhheelp, i neeeed help !!!



Re: php : Heeeeelp ! Firefox <> IE

And lo, Olivier Pons didst speak in alt.www.webmaster:

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Works for me.  Probably some restrictive cookie settings in your IE or  


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Re: php : Heeeeelp ! Firefox <> IE

On Mon, 5 Dec 2005, GreyWyvern wrote:

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Another wild guess (which may be totally wrong) is that your browser cache
size for IE is set too small and it's discarding the variables when the
cache gets full and a new page is loaded which needs the space.

Norman De Forest (who avoids IE except for Windows updates and checking
   his own pages)
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Re: Heeeeelp ! Firefox <> IE

Here's the trick, i found it yesterday so if you tried it a few hours ago it
has worked properly !

The reference :

andrej at agsmart dot com dot au
15-Jul-2005 07:45
a quick note on sessions and ie6 losing them. this one took me months to
in firefox, and opera, everything worked fine between pages (in redirects
and include
statements) then in ie5 and 6 the session would be lost on only _one_ of my
pages for no apparent reason.
long story short, it turned out that this particular failing page had
to broken images with alt text of "no image". every time ie requested the
and couldnt find it it displayed the icon of a broken image and killed the
session as well! firefox behaved nicely and displayed "no image"
an if statement later to display text instead of a broken image and
worked. hope this saves someone the headache it gave me..

servers affected: apache2/php4/win32, apache1/php4/linux and most likely
my reason was that i had one link that was :

<img href="" alt="" />


incredible. this is a burning shame that everybody still uses internet
Moreover the new upcoming version won't be css 2.0 compatible, is that right



Re: Heeeeelp ! Firefox <> IE

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No idea - what makes you think that?

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Re: Heeeeelp ! Firefox <> IE

Microsoft said it somewhere (French gossips I guess ;p )

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Re: Heeeeelp ! Firefox <> IE

Yep. Checked it out : confirmation : French gossips.

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