PHP form maker I can't make work

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I've tried everything to successfully use this automatic PHP form generator
located at

It's a form where I allow the user to order free gear drawings in PDF
format. The site is hosted at and is a Linux run site.

And it seems like it makes a beautiful form and the price is right - free.
However, when I completed the form design step, stored its files on my
computer, then FTP'd them to my own site at , that was the last of my

When a user completes it, the PHP script is supposed to send this form and
its data to one of my email addresses.  It's also supposed to send
confirmation to the user.

Well, for testing, I posed as the user with various email addresses of mine,
including a web-based one.

In more than half dozen tests I've not received a single confirming email.

I've checked the creator's FAQ and did the best I could in interpreting his
(or hers) attempt in using English.

Any suggestions?

Len Miller

Re: PHP form maker I can't make work

Gazing into my crystal ball I observed "Fatfreek"

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Looks like there are several problems with the form.  First, I was able
to submit it with a web based email address (which the form says is
verbotten).  I do not see a form action, either within the form element
itself, or any of the javascript.  So where is this form submitting to
and what is on the server side?

Adrienne Boswell at Home
Arbpen Web Site Design Services
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Re: PHP form maker I can't make work

Adrienne Boswell wrote:

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Maybe the site is just a scam to harvest email addresses for spammers!

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Re: PHP form maker I can't make work

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Hi Adrienne,

First, I merely stated that web based email addresses won't be honored with
the free drawing offer. I have no programming expertise to prohibit them
from asking.  My intent is to TRY to offer the free stuff to those who work
for companies and who deal with gearing -- or for individuals like myself.
Not for those who try to take unfair advantage of my service.  Hey, I'm
retired, love spur gears, have an excellent program that can draw gears as
they are generated, I'm proud of the program, and have no intent (or
know-how) of harvesting email addresses as another suggested.

I was hoping that this form would return to my email address (without the threes).

I don't understand your question, "what is on the server side"?


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Re: PHP form maker I can't make work

On Tue, 07 Apr 2009 21:41:13 GMT, Adrienne Boswell put finger to
keyboard and typed:
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The action is empty, meaning the form submits back to itself. That
seems to be working OK, so that's not the problem.

To the OP, I'd suggest trying different email addresses as recipients
- if you don't already have alternates, then get a couple of free
webmail accounts and use those. You don't need to go through the whole
form generation system again, just edit the 'form.lib.php' file and
put the new recipient address in there (it's at the top, in the
configs) and then re-upload it.

The other thing that may be causing it to fail is that the script is
also writing the data to a couple of log files (again, the locations
of those files can be seen in the config section of 'form.lib.php').
It may be that the web server doesn't have privileges to create those
files, you you may need to create them manually and then chmod them to
666 to allow the script to use them.


Re: PHP form maker I can't make work

Thanks, Mark, for those suggestions.  We just got in from out of town and I
will try them in the morning.


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