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I'm looking for a PHP script to rotate banners.  It seems there's
hundreds out there, so I could use some advice in sorting them out.  

Here's what I'm looking for:  

An easy administration panel.  

Control over how often a banner is shown.  Most of the banners on this
site will be free ads offered to members, but I expect to get paying
ads eventually.  I'd like to weight the paying ads so they're shown
more often.  

Some sort of stats, but especially Click through tracking.  It would
be great if the stats could be made available to clients.  

Uses PHP without relying on Java.

Decent support.  Or, even better, a product so solid that support
isn't an issue.

Not too expensive.  Ideally, a script that's not free should have a
trial period.  

Stuff that would be nice, but not essential:  

Click Bank - the ability to sell someone X clicks or impressions, and
have the banner automatically removed from the rotation when that
number has been reached.
E-Mail stats to selected clients.  

Ability for clients to purchase ads and upload banners without
intervention, but subject to approval.  

Ability to charge for both impressions and click-troughs.

Dave Hitt
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Re: PHP Banner Manager

after careful consideration, Dave Hitt wrote in alt.www.webmaster

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I've been going a few rounds with Max Media Manager (formerly phpAdsNew).
Pretty impressive.

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Re: PHP Banner Manager

Matt-the-Hoople wrote:
: I've been going a few rounds with Max Media Manager (formerly
: phpAdsNew).  Pretty impressive.

Did they improve its ease of use any? I remember using phpAdsNew and loved
the features but found it cumbersome to use and install.


Re: PHP Banner Manager

After reviewing the situation, Heidi looked in the general direction of
alt.www.webmaster and blew a mouthful of

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I actually burned a whole weekend two months ago trying to out-stubborn
phpAdsNew because a client of mine wants to use it.  
That's how I arrived at Max Media Manager - the MMM manual more accurately
describes what is going on - even with PAN.  
Once I got my head around it from that perspective I found it rather
user-friendly and very powerful.  The most 'stable' release
is MMM-0.1.28.  

I'm still having some issues with the client's server environment (Cobalt RaQ4 -
a real POS - IYAM), but I've gotten it
successfully installed and operating on two CentOS boxes with little fuss and


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Re: PHP Banner Manager

Dave "Gomer" Hitt wrote:

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Gomer, you've failed to name that "somebody" who you claimed hacked into my
computer and "discoverd (sic) all kinds of nice little pictures of nice
little kids".

You made this accusation two months ago, and failed to produce any evidence
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The plausible explanation is, the event you described never happened. (One
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on my computer, nice ones or otherwise.) Instead, it was one of your
psychotic fantasies.  

Bob Broughton /
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