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I was hoping to get some input on how effective my website
( design is and how it could be improved. Any
comments are very much appreciated. Also, if anyone has any suggestions
on how to get my website out and increase traffic without spending
outrageous sums of money I'm all ears. Thanks!
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Re: Photography Website Design

Jono wrote:
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Hi. Your site does not validate. Run it through,
You should really use HTML 4.01 Strict unless you have some idea about
XHTML, such as the fact that all tags need to be in lower case.
The thing I like about XHTML is that all tags need to be closed, which
means you don't write bad code.
It's a lot strictor, but you can do the same thing with HTML 4.01.
BTW, your site takes ages to load and I am on a 1.5MBPS broadband
Regards Chad.

Re: Photography Website Design

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If your aim is to showcase your photography, I'd say it isn't very
effective at all.  If your aim is to showcase your blogging, it's

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Focus, focus, focus.  What is the purpose of your site?  Whatever it
is, it must be clear from your home page forward.

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What qualifies as an "outrageous sum" of money?  $100?  $100,000?  You
can do it yourself for free, you can find someone who will accept
whatever amount you wish to pay them to take on the job, and they may
or not deliver the goods.

Good luck.


Re: Photography Website Design


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What's the site about? It lost me on the first page.

Oh, it claims to be about promoting your photographs. What
photographs? All I see is some sort of "blog".

I suggest:

Get a focus

Lose the dynamic navigation and use sensible named sub pages

Create a Google sitemap and submit that to Google

You could also join the banner exchange to gain
advertising without paying out any money


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Re: Photography Website Design

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Traffic is always the key, make a nice site and people still don't visit.
You can get a lot of traffic for zero cost but it will take time and effort
(although these have a cost!).

1. You need a high page rank with Google and this comes from swapping links.
You should aim to have 500 sites linking to you. This takes a huge effort
but it has to be done.

2. You should think of a viral aspect. I give away a free ebook with resale
rights and people now sell it on ebay, they get some cash and I get free
traffic. Here is an example:

There are many way to get more but I'm saving them for a book I'm writting.
Good luck. Just work hard and it will happen but it will take a few years!



Re: Photography Website Design

Photos look great!


slow to load - why not use low-resolution thumbnails and "click to
enlarge " ?

And a spellcheck would be a good idea - luscious, recommended and
beginnings are all wrong.

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