Perlfect Search problem for large sites

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I have  been using Perlfect search on several sites with success
(usually sites containing up to 4000 pages), however as soon as I try
to index a site of 7000 pages or more, the indexing process starts to
take way too long (up to 6 hours) and on some systems it simply never
stops (OK I killed it after 16 hours, it could theoretically have
stopped later but I thought it got stuck).

Are there any other webmasters that have
a) used Perlfect Search with success and for what number of pages
b) faced the same problem
c) any alternatives that are as easy as perlfect

What happens is that a site with 1,500 pages gets indexed in 4 minutes,
but when a 10,000 page site is still busy after 6 hours I really think
there is something wrong. This occurs for sites on the same machine.
Any help will be much appreciated!

Otto de Voogd / /

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