PDO support (bit of a rant)

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Hi there,

I've build this little CMS in PHP for a client. It depends on PDO with mysql

Now, a few webhosts I've polled have PDO support, but only sqlite and
sqlite2 drivers are installed by default. Installing PDO mysql drivers has
proven quite a hastle, and the main webhost I was depending on reported that
quite a few install options made it's configuration crash.

Can anybody tell, how come a PDO mysql driver is not installed by default on
*nix PHP environments?! I would assume this is one of the most asked for PDO
drivers. But more importantly, has anybody managed to succeed in installing
this driver on *nix based systems and have it run stable?

From what I've read on different sites in the PHP community is that PDO is
supposed to be *the* next database abstraction layer for PHP. And although I
have limited experience, I must say, for the not too complex SQL queries it
does its job quite nice, with prepared statements and all. But yet support
for it seems to be rather poor. Especially clear documentation on how to
install specific drivers. What is up with that? How can an extension that
seems to be plugged by quite a few PHP community sites be this poorly

I am no doubt ranting in the wrong direction, so if you have any pointers as
to where I can rant more effectively, please share. ;-)


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