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I've been using PayPal to take some client payments online.  PayPal is one
of the worst companies I have ever dealt with.  I still can't get my money
even after over a month.

PayPal claims that they have tried to verify my bank account but nothing
has been deposited in my bank account (except for several hundred dollars
from the first payment, before they decided that they need to verify my
bank account before paying me!).

I emailed PayPal and got an email back a couple of weeks later saying
something like, "due to the high volume of email we are recieving we will
not be replying to the email that you sent us, telephone us if you want

So then I called them several times.  The last time I called, the employee
told me to email them(!).  I had already faxed them a bank statement also.
With a bit of arguing I finally talked her into having PayPal retry the
verification deposits. She told me that her supervisor was resending the
verification deposits that moment.

After a week of waiting and calling my bank daily to check on the second
verification deposits, I called PayPal yet again.  I talked my way up to
the supervisor, who said the second round of verification deposits had
never been sent.

The only other ways to get money from PayPal involve giving this horrible,
unethical company more personal and financial information such as a social
security number and a credit card number.

PayPal have already deposited a payment in my bank account but now say
there is no way to release my payments without "verification" -- I don't
know what a few cents deposited in my bank account is going to tell them
more than a couple hundred already has.  I have already faxed them my bank
statement but they still won't release my money.

PayPal is horrible.  I highly recommend avoiding them.  I've read many
accounts like mine on the Internet but thought I would try it anyway.
What a mistake.

With so many people having these kinds of problems getting their money
from PayPal even the bank teller at my bank said, "they are quick to
take your money but not when you want to get it out."  She had seen this
kind of thing before with PayPal.  

I searched around online and came up with this class action lawsuit
against PayPal from people who could not get their money:

PayPal has never even posted a profit, according to that

I wonder why there hasn't been another class action lawsuit.

What are the alternatives to PayPal?  Clickbank?  ProPay? (Or are they
affiliated with eBay/PayPal?)  Any horror stories or good stories from the
PayPal alternatives?

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