PayPal IPN question

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I've developed the servlet to handle IPN and there's something I must
be missing.

When the customer posts a purchase request from MY website, the request
is forwarded to PayPal.   Once the customer pays, the PayPal purchase
page is routed back to the referer... the page on my server in which
the customer originally posted the purchase request.
Separate from all of this is the IPN chit-chat.  So once I know the
payment transaction has been successful (via IPN), how do I tie that
back in to the page my customer will end up on.  I'm thinking I'd pass
some information that I've stuffed in my session (customer email
address, transaction ID, or something) to the PayPal payment page.
This information would then be included in the IPN info.  Hopefully,
I'm making sense.  I'm missing the tie between IPN transaction and the
purchase transaction.

Thanks in advance,


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