Paypal, do I really need the Virtual Terminal?

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My site has local advertisers, and I've been thinking about accepting
credit cards for recurring billing. So far, I've always just billed
them and waited for a check, because there simply aren't enough
advertisers to justify the overhead.

But, I'm reading on Paypal about using their Website Payments Standard
option, with no monthly fees, and it seems feasible. So, I'm thinking
this might be a smart way to ease in to it.

Paypal shows a Virtual Terminal, for $20/month. But when I watch the
demo for the Website Payments Standard, it shows the customer click on
a button that says "Secure Checkout," then they enter in their name
and credit card info, and submit the info to send the payment.

Here's my question. What advantage is there to me for using the
Virtual Terminal, instead of just going through the shopping cart
myself as if it were a Virtual Terminal?

Also, does anyone know if I can specify a date for the recurring
billing with Paypal?



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