payment solution with no shopping cart ?

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Hi my web site is hosting other web sites for fashion so i have
noshopping cart on my own web site .customers do not give credibility
to my web site because of no visa but ony my bank account or westren
union as reasnable methods for paying
what can you suggest regarding to this problem ?
change the concept of hostig another webs
thank you

Re: payment solution with no shopping cart ?

On 13 Mar 2006 23:26:06 -0800, posted something
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So, get yourself a security certificate, and a merchant account from
your bank.

That won't solve ALL your lack-of-credibility problems, but it's a


Re: payment solution with no shopping cart ?

To have credibility, you'll need the following, not necessarily in
these orders:

1. domain name
2. shopping cart (osCommerce, Zencart, phpShop)
3. merchant account (accept visa/mastercard) or payment processor like
4. an SSL certificate

Hope that helps. If you need info, especially merchant account as it's
probably the most difficult one to obtain out of the 4 items above,
email me directly.

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Re: payment solution with no shopping cart ?

something that included:

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It's a myth that merchant accounts are hard to get.

In order to get a loan, you generally have to show capacity (you can
pay it back), character (you WILL pay it back with no quibbles) and
collateral (your estate can pay it back if a bus runs over you.)  To
qualify for a merchant account, they don't entirely ignore other
factors - there may be chargebacks, after all - but they mostly look
at character.

When we opened a new business, we had to open another checking
account, which required that we go to the bank, and spend an hour
filling out forms. When we opened our merchant account, though, the
bank met us at a restaurant, bought us a meal, and we filled out the
forms in 10 minutes after dessert. No setup charge, no monthly fee,
just purchase of a terminal (we got ICverify, a software program, for
that) and a fairly low discount rate (which they have since reduced a
bit, without our even asking).

In the 1980s, I filed bankruptcy due to massive medical expenses - my
wife was dying of lupus. I doubt I could have qualified for a used car
loan a year later when I set up an amanuensis service. I called all
five banks in that city, and 3 of them indicated that they'd give me a
merchant account if I had a business location, but I'd need an
established business and be an established customer with them to get a
merchant account doing business out of my home. Our residence was too
remote for the business anyhow, so no problem for me, but these days,
banks can't afford to ignore the many internet businesses operating
out of garages and bedrooms.


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